Luke Jinks

Luke Jinks draws influence from medieval European folklore and traditional Americana tattoo culture in his unqiue tattoo flash. Jinks is currently a tattoo apprentice at Infinite Ink Tattoo studio near Birmingham, England. Take a look through some of his traditional tattoo flash pieces below, we think you will be impressed.

Traditional Tattoo Revival

While the traditional American tattoo names, such as Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy, have become the norm - these flash illustrations by Jinks pay homage to the original's outlaw nature. Jinks riffs on the traditional Americana tattoo themes and mixes in religious and mystic symbolism.

A little note on the modern tattoo as fashion ideal, which I found interesting: "[Sailor Jerry died in 1973. The royalties to his tattoo flash are now owned by two of his students, Ed Hardy and Mike Malone. In 1999 they started the company Sailor Jerry Ltd. and use Sailor Jerry's artwork on clothing (t shirts, belts, gloves, hoodies, sneakers), tattoo machines, stencils, playing cards, ..]"  This accounts for much of the widespread plastering of these images. Copy Source

The traditional flash and tattoo revival, which in reality has never been out of practice, has been upheld by young artists like Jinks. This new generation strives to recapture the original style and fundamental thrust of these works, as they were meant to be seen on paper and skin.

luke jinks

luke jinks tattoo

luke jinks

flash by luke jinks

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lukw jinks

The devil and his cheeky serpent tattoo illustration.

Black Magic Tattoo Illustrations

Originals traded with Lain Mullen of Stockholm Classic Tattoo

DEVil by luke jinks

luke jinks

painting by luke jinks


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