The 20 Best Punk & Rock Album Covers

We love listening to a wide range of music at TensionWIRE, but we never forget the classics. Below are a few of our favorite go-to punk and rock album covers for your viewing enjoyment. Of course we left a bunch of good ones out, but dont worry just post them below. Great album art does more then describe the music, it beomes part of the experience.


discharge album art


Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

The original high-speed noise overload

the clash album art

The Clash

London Calling

Move aside Elvis the Clash did it right


integrity album art


Humanity Is The Devil

These Cleveland natives teamed up with the legendary Pushead for this metalcore harbringer


the germs album art

The Germs - 1979


Simple and classic


black flag damaged art work

Blag Flag


Might just be about the best image to sum up Henry and hardcore punk


t-rex album art


The Slider

Just Marc Bolan in that hat


johnny cash album art work

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash At San Quentin

Everything about this says cool, dark and the 'man in black'


milo goes to college artwork


Milo Goes To College

Simple, goofy and iconic


bad religion cover art

Bad Religon


Suburban American norms and Bad Religon; it was a fight just waiting to happen. This cover art sums that up.


iggy pop album artwork

Iggy and The Stooges

Raw Power

It's simple, Iggy on the cover just makes sense


the Clash

The Clash

Give 'em Enough Rope

Wouldn't ever say its the best Clash album but the art is spot on




Los Angeles

Nailed it


minor threat cover art

Minor Threat

1989 compilation album

Alec MacKaye (Ian's brother) headdown on the iconic cover


joy division artwrork

New Order - 1983

Power, Corruption & Lies


gorilla biscuts

Gorilla Biscuits

Start Today

Pure energy


wanda jackson

Image Via:

Wanda Jackson

Queen of Rockabilly

Wanda doing what she does best


sticky finger by the rolling stones art work

The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers

Suggest much?


black sabbath cover art

Black Sabbath - 1970 

Black Sabbath

The birth of heavy metal and so much more. The cover is a perfect fit for the darkness inside.

the who record cover art

The Who

The Who Sell Out

Silly and witty, just like the Who


andy warhol record cover art

The Velvet Underground & Nico

The Andy Warhol designed cover



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