rockabilly rebels by daniel sahlberg


Rockabilly Attitude

Certain time-periods just seem to grab the imagination better. Rockabilly has definitely been one; a long-standing American influenced music & clothing style. Ya' know hotrods, roots based rock and country music, slicked hair and a shit-load of attitude. These also happen to be some of the things we love at TensionWIRE. So it makes sense that this week we have some great Rockabilly style images by skilled photographer Daniel Sahlberg.

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    Follow TensionWIRE as we stumble across the globe chasing style, rock n' roll and a good drink. We get lost at 4am without cab fare so you don't have to. This may just be our gift to the world.

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    Banksy Street Worship

    If you haven't seen Banksy... google and be amazed. Some of the best and most creative street art out there. Banksy has a killer instinct for using the street for reaction. Below is a showcase of some TensionWIRE internet favorites!

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    Life By Keith Richards

    I’ve never given much credence to the Beatles vs. Stones argument. To me that’s like being asked to choose between Halloween and Christmas; the blues and soul; love and sex, there simply must be room for both...

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    Mark Ryden, A Collection

    Mark Ryden has the ability to mix cute & darling with the darkest of themes. This combination gives his detailed & masterful paintings a sense of mystery. Ryden's employs an old-world masters talent with a keen eye on the juxtaposition of his objects..



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    Vintage Tattoo Photography

    Vintage tattoo photographs are about the best looking things ever. Check out our collection of people older then your Great Grandma (That means dead) and cooler.

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    Gluten Freedom!

    “Ouch”! That was my heart breaking as I pass yet another trendy cupcakery whose tasty delights are not made for my kind. While I’m glad I discovered my wheat allergy 3 years ago, not being able to sink my teeth into a good old-fashioned cupcake ...

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    Nestled among skinny row homes in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Gooski's hardly shines as a beacon in the night. In fact, of the approximately 10+ times I've been there, I've accidentally passed it up at least seven...



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    JR's Bar - Dirty South Philly

    Yeah, when someone told me where they were playing at JR’s, I was like, where in South Philly? You want me to go all the way down there? Sheeeeeit. Maybe. And then I did it anyway. 

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    Meet Jo Snow

    Often times the best inventions are born from pure necessity. So when Chicago café owner Melissa Yen discovered making her favorite Mexican coffee drink, Café de Ollo, was just too damn time consuming she set out to create the solution. 

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    Best Teen Movie Soundtracks of The 90s

    Similar to Clueless, this soundtrack was a mid-90s pre-teen’s wet dream. I actually purchased this CD [yes, from Sam Goody at the mall] before I’d ever had the pleasure of seeing the movie.